Wounded Afghan War Vet, PA Congressional Candidate: Biden’s Botched Withdrawal ‘Ripped Off A Lot Of Scabs’

A veteran of the war in Afghanistan and Pennsylvania Republican congressional candidate described how the execution of President Biden’s withdrawal strategy “ripped off a lot of scabs,” as he recounted the incident that wounded him to Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today”.

A decade ago, Teddy Daniels was in his 30s; past the typical military enlistment age, when he sought to serve in uniform. Daniels had already worn the uniform of a policeman for 15 years in Harford County, Md., a suburban area between Lancaster, Pa., and Baltimore.

“I couldn’t do [law enforcement] today, let’s put it that way. I don’t know why anybody would go today and sign up to be a cop– hats off to those men and women that do. The left and the mainstream media has just vilified them– has vilified that career, has vilified their profession,” Daniels told host Tucker Carlson. “I wanted to stick up for the people who couldn’t stick up for themselves.”

Daniels recounted how, at age 35, he sought to join the Marine Corps but was turned down because the maximum age of enlistment was 27. 

“Try next door, though, the Army might take you,” he recalled. “So I walk into the Army recruiter and the two sergeants are in there. They stand up, and they say, ‘how are you doing, sir? Whose father, are you?’ I said ‘no, guys, I’m here to enlist.'”

After taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test, Daniels was given a wide range of career choices in the Army, but requested to enlist as an Infantry on the ground.

Daniels said he was sent to Kunar Province, in the northeastern part of the country near Jalalabad. That experience, he said, has come rushing back to him as the crisis there has intensified as of late.

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