Watch The ‘Best GOP Ad’ Of 2022 Election For ‘America First’ Republican Teddy Daniels

(From The Political Insider)

Republican Teddy Daniels of Pennsylvania is running for Congress – and boy does he want you to know it. Daniels just put out what might be the best ad of the upcoming 2022 election so far.

It is certainly not your typical fare. It’s more like a Rambo movie, and it’s awesome.

The ad begins with Teddy sitting in a restaurant surrounded by Washington elite, holding cigars and drinking Moscow Mule cocktails. But then Daniels has enough. “You now what? I’m not doing this fake, phony, elitist BS. It’s not me,” Daniels says, pointing to a man playing a Washington insider sitting across from him. He adds, “I don’t need you and I’m not going to let you clowns muscle me.”

“I’m not doing this for you,” Daniels says as he stands up and rips open his shirt to reveal an ‘America First’ t-shirt underneath. “I’m Teddy Daniels and I’m running for Congress in Scranton, Pennsylvania,” the candidate says. “You know, Joe Biden’s hometown?”

Showing images of Republican critics of former President Donald Trump, Congresswoman Liz Cheney and Senator Mitt Romney, Daniels exclaims, “I despise swampy, sellout politicians.” He continues, “I’m tired of these elitist suits that have sold out our country and something needs to be done about it.”

Flying in a helicopter, Daniels declares, “These establishment sellouts are completely out of touch with real America.”

Daniels then goes down a list of issues he apparently plans to campaign on. “They don’t care about protecting your freedom of speech, your right to bear arms,  or even election security.” Daniels warns. “They’re more concerned about appeasing the left than standing up for us,” Daniels says as he is shown firing his rifle.

Watch this incredible ad:

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