Teddy Daniels Warns the Establishment That 8th District Voters Will Never Accept a RINO Candidate

Patriotic veterans advocate Teddy Daniels experienced third-world voter fraud during his last run for U.S. Congress but remains undaunted despite the hurtles placed in front of him by the political establishment.

Daniels appeared on Big League Politics Live where he talked about the obstacles put in his way by Democrats and how he intends to overcome those obstacles during his second run for U.S. Congress in the 8th District of Pennsylvania.

“I won the election day vote but lost the mail-in ballot vote. The guy that won, he’s an establishment guy that a lot of the establishment figures…brought him back into the area to run. Trump won the district but he outperformed the Congressional candidate by over seven points,” Daniels said.

“This is a salt-of-the-earth people, God, guns, freedom area,” added Daniels, referring to his native Luzerne County. “You can’t bring in a D.C. outsider and have him parachute into the district and win the seat. It’s just not going to work.”

Daniels says that an authentic pro-Trump lawmaker is needed to win the Congressional district. He argues that his bona fides as a leader of Veterans for Trump make him the right man for the job.

“This time around…we have a huge, huge groundswell. I have already been endorsed by the state treasurer, by state senator Doug Mastriano, by Bikers for Trump, by Kim Klacik down in Baltimore,” he said.

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