Teddy Daniels Scores Major Endorsement for U.S. House Run from Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis

Tough guy Teddy Daniels is picking up major steam. We just reported earlier today that he is now on the Democrats’ radar and they are scared. 

Daniels is running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 8th CD. He is a Republican, but not just any Republican. He is a Trump Republican, and a real one.

Although Jenna Ellis recently announced she was leaving the GOP, it’s not to join the left. It’s to make a statement that the establishment GOP is failing at representing the people. Daniels is the type of guy to represent the people.

That is why we presume, Ellis is endorsing him for congress. 

Ellis tweeted out:

“Teddy Daniels has been fighting for election integrity and an audit of PA since Nov 2020. He is a wounded combat veteran, retired police officer, and advocate for our rights against govt tyranny. He puts America First! I am proud to endorse and stand with @DanielsCongress! #PA8” to which Daniels replied:

“Thank you @JennaEllisEsq. A great endorsement! If it wasn’t for you educating everyone from state to state after November 3rd, we would not have the audits today.”

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(The Freedom Times) Teddy Daniels Reacts After Jenna Ellis Endorses Him For Biden’s Hometown Congressional Seat

“Pro-Trump Republican, Teddy Daniels, who is running in Pennsylvanian’s 8th congressional district — Scranton, which is Joe Biden’s alleged hometown –is calling for the Keystone State to conduct a canvass over the 2020 general election, along with a forensic audit. Daniels, an Afghanistan veteran, also earned the endorsement of Jenna Ellis, former senior legal advisor and counsel to 45th President Donald J. Trump, who highlighted in a post on Twitter Wednesday that Daniels ‘has been fighting for election integrity’ since November 2020.”

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