Teddy Daniels Endorsed by PA Bikers for Trump

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Teddy Daniels (R) Running in PA08 Endorsed by PA Bikers for Trump


“I am honored to receive the endorsement from the famous Pennsylvania Bikers for Trump who back me 100%,” said Daniels.

Text of the endorsement from PA Bikers for Trump is below:

“Bikers for Trump Pennsylvania is honored to Endorse Teddy Daniels for Congress. Just like Bikers for Trump, Teddy stood by President Trump since the beginning. Teddy is a nonestablishment fighter who will stand up for the hardworking people of Northeast PA. He is a patriot, a fellow biker and a family man. Teddy is the man who will fight the self-serving politicians and is a man that puts the people first. Teddy has demonstrated his fight against the “swamp” as he is controlled by no one and has not sold out to the establishment. Teddy’s loyalty is to the people and President Trump. We are honored to support and endorse Teddy Daniels for Congress.”

Also, Teddy Daniels will report today $118k raised and $64k cash on hand for 2019 report on FEC. He is running against Matt Cartwright (D) in a district that President Trump won by 10 points.

Teddy Daniels, candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District, is a combat veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries in Afghanistan, a retired 15-year police officer, and a successful business entrepreneur who has sold multiple companies.  Teddy has also been endorsed by FreedomWorks, National Association for Gun Rights, Tea Party Nation, Steven Willeford, Northeast PA Women for Trump, Veterans for Trump, and Luzerne County Councilman Walter Griffith.