Teddy Daniels Fumes After Reports That Voters Were Asked to Return Due to Errors in Luzerne County Pennsylvania

Yesterday’s primary elections in Luzerne County Pennsylvania had issues with the wrong ballet being displayed. It appears some Republican voters left before they cast their vote because of the issue.

ABC27 reported“Because it’s a primary, Democrats and Republicans or independent non-partisans, have a different ballot. When you got into the ballot marking devices, the header on all of the ballots indicates that it’s a democratic ballot, but then when you proceed to the actual ballot itself, it is the proper ballot for the voter’s party.  And when the ballot is printed, it shows that it is in fact the proper ballot,” Carl Romanelli, a judge with Luzerne County Board of Elections said.

Another poll worker with the Luzerne County Board of Elections, who wished to remain anonymous, told Eyewitness News that all ballots in the system were displaying as a Democrat ballot on the screen, regardless of what party was chosen. Once a Republican ballot was filled out and printed, however, it would say Republican on top.

Luzerne County Republicans were reportedly trying to contact those who left without casting a ballot because of the error to come back and vote. “Return to the polls before they close at 8 p.m. to vote one of three ways” was their message. 

Times Leader reported:

County Republicans uncomfortable with the electronic ballot marking devices will have two paper ballot options: emergency ballots or provisional ballots. Both types of ballots are filled out by hand. Emergency ones are then fed into the tabulators/scanners at polling places, while provisional ones are sealed in envelopes for separate processing.

Either way, officials agreed in the court action that the provisional ballots will be accepted without requiring an affirmation involving two separate signatures by voters — a step that may be unfamiliar to voters and cause their ballots to be disqualified. Republican paper ballots cast at the polls will be processed with other returns tonight instead of setting them aside for adjudication at a later date. All voting machines, associated equipment and documentation will be secured and locked at a county location in case either party wants to conduct further reviews.

County officials said a coding error caused all county Republican ballots to contain a Democratic heading when they appeared on the screens of ballot marking devices at polling places.

Congressional candidate Teddy Daniels tweeted, “Nobody blinked when I came out weeks ago and demanded that the dir of elections should not be hired. The hiring of a lib US Reps former deputy chief of staff got zero pushback from the County GOP. 1 person raised hell about it..me. Now we see the light?”

Daniels has previously also called for an audit of the 2020 election in Luzerne county as we previously reported. Daniels as well as many others are not happy about the handling of our elections.

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