Teddy Daniels Calls to Audit Philly, Pittsburgh, and Luzerne County Just Like Arizona is Doing in Viral Video

Purple Heart Veteran and Republican Candidate for Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District, Teddy Daniels, called for an audit of the vote across Pennsylvania in places like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh Luzerne County which are all Democratic strongholds where Joe Biden performed well in. 

It’s important to note that Daniels was playing an Aaron Lewis song in the background that we recently reported on about American patriots pushing back against what they feel is a Democrat takeover of the nation. Daniels was also drinking Pepsi, most likely because of Coke’s anti-White training rhetoric that was recently reported on.

Daniels gave praise to freshman Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) who has been instrumental in the Maricopa County election audit saying, “Arizona, they finally got legislatures in there like Wendy Rogers,….. who is standing up and fighting and not taking the B.S. anymore.”

Teddy went on to take aim at “spineless” Republicans and blaming them for not standing up against the Democrats to stop him from taking power. He continued on to say the Republican Party is now the party of appeasement that rolls over to the Democratic Party. 

Teddy ran for Congress in 2020 but narrowly lost the primary last year.

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