Teddy Daniels Calls on Senator Jake Corman to Resign For Firing Doug Mastriano’s Staff and Reportedly Trying to Prevent Forensic Audit in PA

OAN host Christina Bobb announced this morning, Pennsylvania State senator Jake Corman fired the staff of fellow State Senator Doug Mastriano in an effort to prevent a forensic audit adding that Corman was using State Senator Cris Dush to dispose of the election audit.

“BREAKING: @JakeCorman has fired @SenMastriano’s staff to prevent a forensic audit. Republican Jake Corman is using Cris Dush to dispose of any chance at an election audit in PA.”

Congressional candidate Teddy Daniels called for Corman to resign, as he and Pennsylvanians are tired of the swamp rats politicians. Daniels also volunteered to help Mastriono for free. Mastriano has been at the forefront of making the audit happen in Pennsylvania.

In his tweet video, Daniels shows himself calling Corman’s office, but was met with a business signal. Daniels explained that he had been trying for over 30 minutes to get in contact with Corman’s office. 

“Just tried calling @JakeCorman to tell him he needs to resign. PA is done with Swampy politicians. And since he decided to fire @dougmastriano staff, I am volunteering for free. @realLizUSA @RudyGiuliani @JennaEllisEsq@BernardKerik

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