Tea Party Nation Endorses Teddy Daniels

“The election season is upon us. It is crucial in 2020 that we reelect President Trump, retain Republican control of the Senate and regain control of the House.

Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District is a battleground district. It is rated as R+1 (nominally Republican).  It is currently represented by Matt Cartwright.  Cartwright is a far-left Democrat who supports the usual list of far-left Democrat demands.  He voted to impeach President Trump.

Teddy Daniels is the only pro-Trump conservative running in Pennsylvania’s 8th district.  He is opposed by several unknowns and one candidate who ran as a Democrat last time and who is described by a local paper as an ‘opportunist.’

Teddy Daniels supports the Second Amendment. He supports Freedom of Religion.  He is against refugee resettlement and he supports President Trump. 

We need more Representatives in Congress who will stand with America and President Trump.  We need Teddy Daniels in the United States Congress.

Tea Party Nation endorses this combat wounded veteran, , retired police officer, and business owner, to be the next Congressman in Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District.”

Source: http://www.teapartynation.com/teddy-daniels-for-pennsylvania/