Soldier speaks out on wartime viral video, getting shot

(CBS News) What does war look like from a soldier’s point of view? Tens of millions of YouTube viewers now know, thanks to a video taken in Afghanistan that’s gone viral. 

CBS News spoke with the man who shot the helmet cam video — and got shot himself in the process. The video has become one of the most viewed three minutes of war video ever, with 23 million hits on YouTube. It’s video of a battle with Taliban forces in Afghanistan, as seen through the helmet camera of Pfc. Ted Daniels.

It started when he purposely moved into the open, drawing fire on himself to protect the seven men in his unit. Daniels told “CBS This Morning,” “You know, tactically, it was not a sound thing to do. But I also remember Murphy’s Laws of Combat. If it’s stupid, but works, it isn’t stupid.” 

Then a Taliban bullet hit part of his gun. It flew out of his hand. Daniels recalled, “It was almost like if you took an aluminum baseball bat and hit a metal pole with it. That’s what my hand felt like. I was actually afraid at first to look down at my hand, wanted to make sure I still had all my fingers and everything else.”

In the video, Daniels can be seen reaching for his rifle. Enemy bullets exploded on the rocks, sending fragments into his arm.

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