Pennsylvania U.S. House Candidate Demands 2020 Audit, Joe Biden ‘Wasn’t Elected, He Was Installed’

As an audit of the 2020 Election continues in Arizona, conservative leaders in other hotly contested states have begun to call for audits in their states as well.

One of the loudest voices calling for an audit in Pennsylvania is U.S. House candidate Teddy Daniels, from the area around Scranton, in Northeast Pennsylvania. Having narrowly lost his primary to a more establishment Republican in 2020, and has established himself as an influential and popular conservative in the state going into the 2022 election. He says he is “the furthest thing from an establishment Republican there is,” and is willing to fight people from both parties to get things done.

National File spoke Teddy Daniels about his calls for an audit, why it’s still so necessary to have an audit, and more. Despite credible accusations of inconsistencies and widespread voter fraud, “Pennsylvania has not officially taken any steps to audit the vote,” explained Daniels.

“What really got me fired up was the State of the Union last week, and I was disgusted. I mean, what a joke! I look at Joe Biden and I think ‘this is the best we can do?’” He then expressed his lack of faith in the 2020 election “He wasn’t elected, he was installed. There is no way this guy is truly the President of the United States”.

He wants to start with an audit of the three counties with the most irregularities: Philadelphia County, Allegheny County, home to Pittsburgh, and Luzerne County. All three counties have been rife with irregularities.

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