Mike Rowe urges business owners to hire veterans: ‘There’s no good reason not to’

“Returning the Favor” host Mike Rowe has a message for business owners on National Hire A Veteran Day.

The 57-year-old told Fox News in an exclusive statement Thursday that business owners have one “simple question” to ask themselves today.

“If you own a business that employs human beings, you need to ask yourself a simple question – have I built a vet-friendly on-ramp into my organization, or not?

“If the answer is ‘yes,’ congratulations! You’ve done a good thing. If the answer is ‘no,’ you’ve got to ask yourself, ‘why?'”

He concluded, “And then, you have to build a vet-friendly on-ramp into your organization! Because the truth is, there’s no good reason not to.”

The former “Dirty Jobs” star has long been outspoken about ensuring young Americans are equipped with the necessary skills and trades to help them land more employment opportunities.

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