Gosar Endorses Pennsylvania’s Teddy Daniels, Says He’ll Help Advance The America First Agenda In Congress

Congressman Paul Gosar has endorsed Teddy Daniels for Pennsylvania’s 8th District, saying he will help him in the fight for the America First agenda in Congress.

Dr. Gosar, the most pro-America First politician in Congress, announced his endorsement for Daniels, who is running to represent Pennsylvania’s 8th District, which contains Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton, on Monday.

Gosar described Daniels as a “staunch America First conservative” who would join him in the fight for that agenda in Congress, noting that Daniels supports the border wall, a moratorium on immigration (for which Gosar sponsored a bill on last month), and putting American workers first. “I call on all patriots to get behind Teddy Daniels for Congress!” Gosar added.

In a tweet, Daniels thanked Gosar for his endorsement, saying that he was “honoured” to have it from him, who he described as “one of the most conservative stalwarts in DC,” adding that he was looking forward to help him “hold the line” against the left. Gosar replied to Daniels thanks, adding that 2022 will turn out to be “epic” with Daniels fighting alongside him and other “conservative fighters” in the trenches of the DC swamp.

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