Good Cop Leaves Police Force Over Bad Cop, This Smashes The Left’s Narrative About Teddy Daniels

How does the leftist media blow past red flags on a Police Chief who chooses to wear a mustache like Adolph Hitler and wears Swasticas?  Why would anyone oppose a good cop, with political support from Republicans and Democrats, who confronted an actual Nazi-loving cop? Why would leftists be hounding a respected former police officer and decorated war veteran on social media by claiming he is anti-police?

The radical left is so afraid of Daniels winning that they will do anything, as Democratic US Rep. Matt Cartwright stated, “to keep Teddy from the halls of congress” including outright lies to try and accomplish that.

Key Point: The left has so little negative, that is truthful, to say about Republican-Populist US House candidate Teddy Daniels that they are left with the hope no one will fact check their gossip and Google: Michael Combs, Police Chief.

“No one hates a bad cop better than a good cop,” Daniels said May 31, 2020, on Facebook.

Here he is:

Daniels is a good cop who confronted a bad cop named Michael P. Combs, who has a documented string of abusive behavior against anyone who confronted him. As a result, Daniels left the police force to enter the military rather than serve under Combs on the police force.  So ask yourself why leftists would use his switch in careers, from cop to enlisted soldier, to build a narrative against him that he is “anti-police.”

Because they desperately need something to stop the momentum he is building for his campaign. The media is a powerful weapon against candidates, and in this case, they are lazy because truthful information about Daniels is easy to find with simple online searches.

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