Exclusive: ‘This Time It Is Personal’, Teddy Daniels Is Running For Congress In PA

Republican Teddy Daniels is running for US Congress in Pennsylvania, in the 8th Congressional District, and he has a great chance of winning because he already won.  Daniels ran in 2020 and was well ahead of his challenger until the famous nighttime dump of ballots trashed his lead. Undeterred, he is running again, with the support and encouragement of his wife.

“Trump won this district by 9 points and even the Democrats here know that the Democrat Party is not the Party of JKF, they know I understand them and their working class values. They can look at my hands and know I am a worker,” Daniels told me.

Key Point: Daniels is a descendent of the American Revolution; to him, saving the Republic for his children is personal; he isn’t giving up.

“Running is about my kids, I don’t want them to have to fight against all the bad things we are seeing- and I have nothing to lose. If I don’t win, I am going to have the same life before. But this is my fight, I a not leaving it for my kids. Guys like me signed up and served the country overseas and we came back here and see that transgender storytime and critical race theory, and all the ways the country has changed, and we aren’t okay with it,” Daniels told me.

“We need people who can serve the country and I have done that,” Daniels said, talking about his motivation for seeking office and about his career in the military and being a “cop”. 

“I’m a pro-Trump conservative Republican, I’m a wounded combat veteran, a retired police officer, and I want other people to jump in and run for office and serve in some way.  We need to win this one. We also need people to join the party and make the party work the right way,”
Daniels told me.  “We can not have people in office or in the party who are just there to play games and we need to expose those people.”

I asked him what was something about him that doesn’t get much coverage:

“A lot of people don’t realize that I was in law enforcement, I was a cop.  The left tries to frame me as being anti-police, and that is a joke.  They come after me and I am not changing a thing about myself,” Daniels said about some recent political hits from the leftist media over his social media posts, adding he isn’t scared of them.

“Republicans need to grow a backbone they need to grow a spine and they need to start standing up and fighting for the people they represent and we have not seen that as much as people are upset with the radical left agenda they are equally upset with the established republican party and there has been a void of leadership in that role,” said Daniels.

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