Exclusive Interview: Afghanistan Vet Running For Congress Has Choice Words For Joe Biden

Teddy Daniels is running for the US House of Representatives for Pennsylvania’s CD8 representing Scranton, PA. He’s an Afghanistan War Combat Vet, Former Police Officer, and Entrepreneur. The Democrats are already terrified of him.

Teddy joined Matt Holloway on MoJo5.0 Radio’s The #HollowNet to discuss his campaign for Congress, his unique take on Biden’s Withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the opening this makes for China. You can check out the nearly 45-minute long interview below. It all began with what Matt describes as “One of the best conservative ad campaigns probably of the latter half of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century”.

Daniels ran in the 2020 Congressional cycle in a six-man primary and told Matt that he “won the election day vote in the primary and like many candidates across the country and especially our President: that morning mail-in ballots started coming in and I took second in a competitive six-man primary” Following his run Teddy became Director of Vets for Trump for the Northeast US where he campaigned for President Trump’s 2020 Election.

During the interview, Daniels described the crisis in Afghanistan from his personal experience including the infamous firefight that he survived as a US Army Private First Class is the most-watched combat footage on Youtube with some 45 million views (You can find it at the bottom of this article). Teddy’s testimony of his experience on that hillside is stunning and heart-wrenching, providing the perfect perspective from which to judge the utter failure of the Biden-Harris regime’s actions in recent weeks.

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