COL. DOUG MASTRIANO (PA State Senator and President Trump Ally)

“I wish to thank Teddy for being willing to continue to serve our nation. The world of politics is messy, and we face opponents willing to lie, cheat, and steal their way to power. We need people like Teddy willing to stand for the people of our state. As a wounded veteran and a purple heart recipient, Teddy has put his life on the line for our great country, and I appreciate his service. Teddy is an American hero and has given much to this nation. Teddy has my full support and endorsement in his run for Lt. Governor.”

Jenna Ellis (Former Senior Legal Adviser & Counsel to President Trump)

“Teddy Daniels has been fighting for election integrity and an audit of Pennsylvania since November 2020. He is a wounded combat veteran, retired police officer, and advocate for our rights against government tyranny. He puts America First! I am proud to endorse and stand with Teddy Daniels for Lt Governor!”

General Michael Flynn

“Teddy Daniels is an America First patriot and Combat Wounded Veteran whom I endorse for Lt. Governor in Northeast Pennsylvania. He won’t back down to the swamp and will fight for our country like he did in Afghanistan. We need patriots like Teddy who love our Nation, our military, our police and our freedoms. I encourage everyone to get behind Teddy Daniels’ campaign.”


“If you aren’t already, please check out Teddy Daniels! He is a patriot, combat veteran & retired police officer. I had the pleasure of meeting him this week. Pennsylvania is a red state & Biden’s hometown, Scranton, needs real representation.”

Arizona Sen. Wendy Rogers

“I endorse Teddy Daniels for Lt. Governor. He is a retired police officer, a wounded combat veteran with distinguished service, and is a fighter. We need more conservative military fighters like Teddy in office who have loyalty to this country. He was also a Division 1 football star and a successful businessman. Plus, he supported President Trump from the beginning. Please support Teddy Daniels, we need him now.”

Congressman Paul Gosar (AZ-04)

“I think it’s time for the folks in PA to embrace this fighter. If you haven’t checked out Teddy Daniels,
take a moment. We need bold, clear thinking Americans.”

Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem

“I am proud to endorse Teddy Daniels. Teddy has been on the front lines in standing with President Trump and also working to make an audit happen in Pennsylvania. He was one of our biggest supporters outside of Arizona when we were doing our forensic audit. I call on all patriots to get behind Teddy Daniels for Lt. Governor – we need him in the fight.”

Mike Marsicano

“During the 2020 Primary, Teddy and I saw each other as friends rather than opponents, because we knew we were fighting the same enemy: establishment politicians. As a lifelong resident of Luzerne County, I know better than most how establishment politicians promote a failure of leadership due to a lack of accountability. Because of these shared values, along with many others, I offer my full & unconditional endorsement to Teddy’s campaign for Lt. Governor, and I look forward to joining Teddy on the campaign trail to give control of our representation in Harrisburg back to the people where it belongs.”

FRANK SCAVO (Coalition for Election Integrity)

“When Teddy went to enlist after his long career as a policeman, he didn’t look for the desk job. Teddy went down there and said ‘I want infantry.’ The recruiter looked at Teddy and said ‘no, you’re experienced we have better places for you.’ And Teddy said ‘No, I want to fight for America.’ That is what sets Teddy apart. 

Teddy is the guy that is not establishment, we know that. He’s a blue collar man. His career of service is exemplary. He fought and was wounded in Afghanistan. He’s a family man. 

Teddy pushes back against the media and liberal left because Teddy never stops fighting. Teddy won the walk-in ballots on Election Day in the last primary election. Ted has not given up because for him, this is not another job: this is a fight for America and a fight for Northeast Pennsylvania.”

ANDREW HOLTER (Fmr. PA State Rep Candidate)

“We need people who have resolve. We need people who have values and integrity. You can’t just have the beliefs, you have to be willing to stand up for those beliefs against all odds. We need someone who isn’t just willing to stand up to Democrats in Washington, but also Republicans. We need a fighter with resolve who will go to Washington who will vote for us. That’s why I’m endorsing Teddy Daniels for Lt. Governor, and I ask that you join with me. We need a fighter who can’t be bought.”

WALTER GRIFFITH (Luzerne County, PA Councilman)

“I offer my endorsement to Ted Daniel’s campaign for Lt. Governor. Teddy is a guy who doesn’t run and who doesn’t hide. He’s not one of these guys that says he’s your friend, and then when the chips are down says, ‘geez, it was nice knowing you.’ He’s a guy who stands behind you when the chips are down, and stands in front of you when there’s a bullet coming your way: he’s that kind of guy. Teddy is a fighter: he easily could have walked away after the last Primary when the Republican Party put up a shrill against him, but he didn’t do that. Well where’s that shrill now? You haven’t heard from the man. A lot of these people say they want to fight for you, and then when the fight is over and they lose, they say I’ll see you around. That’s not the kind of guy I want to support. I want to support a guy who continues to fight no matter what. Ted Daniels is a guy who will fight for us.”

DWAYNE MCDAVITT (President, PA Bikers for Trump)

“I met Teddy Daniels when he first announced his last campaign. Teddy is not just a friend, I consider him a brother. Teddy is a true American. My wife is a small business owner, and we’ve tried to contact Matt Cartwright multiple times to ask for help during COVID. We haven’t received an answer. Teddy Daniels always answers the call. Because of these and many other reasons, I am endorsing Teddy Daniels for Lt. Governor.”

STEPHEN URBAN (PA State Committeeman)

“As a Republican Party State Committee member for Luzerne County, I want to endorse Ted Daniels in his run for Lt. Governor. I consider myself an independent Republican – free from the influence of the establishment, just like Teddy. Teddy sticks to his principles. I want to encourage everyone to get out and support Teddy for Lt. Governor.”

CHRIS ROSLER (Acting Sheriff, Wayne County PA)

“I endorse Teddy Daniels for Lt. Governor. I have met Teddy many times and have spoken with him. I find that he is a great man with great values and does the right thing. We are a lot a like to we both served our communities in Law Enforcement and Teddy going on to serve in the military and earning many medals and the purple heart. Teddy is a true American hero in my book. I stand beside Teddy. Thank you, Teddy, for what you have done and what you have planned.”


Firearm Owners Against Crime (FOAC) is a non-partisan, non-connected all-volunteer Political Action Committee organized to empower all gun owners, outdoors enthusiasts and supporters of the 2nd Amendment…with the tools and information necessary to protect freedom from transgression.

Republicans for National Renewal

“Teddy Daniels is a patriotic veteran who truly represents the values of Pennsylvania’s 8th district. Not only is he dedicated to enacting an America First agenda on issues ranging from immigration to trade, he also has the authenticity to be able to beat the incumbent Democrat in this pro-Trump district.”