Congressional candidate Teddy Daniels embodies the desires of the America First Republican

For a look at what the pro-Trump America side looks like, we turn to Teddy Daniels. He’s running for Congress as a Pro-Trump Republican in Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District.

Ohio just had their special election primary, and it’s a prime opportunity to assess what the modern political landscape is now.

Daniels makes sure to point out that he’s fighting to make Joe Biden’s hometown red.

Teddy Daniels in Scranton, Pennsylvania doesn’t want to give you a fake political ad. Instead he wants to give the “real deal” and that means blasting the words AMERICA FIRST at the viewer in big letters.

Oftentimes in recent months people talk about RINOs and Republicans being Democrats who go the speed limit. Liz Cheney’s divisiveness that confused the GOP earlier this year being a prime example.

According to Daniels he believes:

“I despise swampy, sellout, politicians, and that’s exactly why I’m running. I’m tired of these elitist suits who have sold out our country, and something needs to be done about it. These establishment sellouts are completely out of touch with rural America. They’re nothing more than bought and paid for hacks.”

Teddy Daniels cites freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and election security as three main priorities of Republicans that are under attack right now. If we look at the Biden administration there’s evidence of all three things.

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