Congressional Candidate and Purple Heart Recipient Teddy Daniels Honors Fallen Warriors: ‘We Won’t Let You Down’

Pennsylvania Congressional candidate and Purple Heart recipient Teddy Daniels had a strong message on Memorial Day, today, for those who have been killed in the line of duty.

In a three-part tweet, he honored fallen warriors by telling them “We won’t let you down.”

Daniels began by explaining, “We did not get here on our own. We climbed on the backs of men and women who selflessly laid down their lives for us, and for their brothers and sisters next to them.”

“It is very important that we honor them, their memories, and their sacrifice. Life is precious, and for our brethren to give that up – erase all of their future hopes and dreams – so we can still be here says something very profound about them and their character,” Daniels continued.

Daniels added, “They are worthy men and women and they will be remembered because we will keep their memory going. Thank you fellow patriots for everything you gave. We won’t let you down and will see you on the high ground.”

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