BLP Live Episode #11 w/ Shane Trejo & Congressional Candidate Teddy Daniels

Teddy Daniels, candidate for Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District, spoke with Shane Trejo of Big League Politics Live about the need for an audit of the vote in in Philadelphia, Allegheny County, and Luzerne County, and the Democrat governor’s attempts to obstruct efforts to audit the vote.

“I’m urging people to reach out to the Pennsylvania Auditor General’s Office to request an audit, because there were criminal allegations that were made. The Attorney General [of Pennslyvania], great guy, Tim Deford, a Republican and a couple of the Pennsylvania state senators are really leading the charge on this. Sen. Doug Mastriano, he’s a big Trump ally—he held the hearing in Gettysburg in late November to try to discuss what happened with the election—he’s actually involved in pushing legislation to get rid of the “no excuse” mail-in ballots in order for that to be on the November ballot. There’s so many different angles—so many different people—who are pushing this from different directions, I don’t see how it can’t happen. We’re trying to put fuel in the tank and supercharge that movement the best that we can.”

Watch below: