As New ‘President Biden Expressway’ Signs Wreak Havoc on Motorists, Teddy Daniels Asks Are They For ‘Just the Slow Lane?’

New signs went up today dubbing a stretch of I-81 in Scranton, Pennsylvania the “President Biden Expressway,” causing traffic to be backed up for four miles, according to local reports.

Congressional GOP candidate Teddy Daniels, who is seeking to represent the district which encompasses the city, mocked the news in a tweet.

Daniels noted, “I thought it was just us Trump supporters who were the ‘cultists’.”

“I want to know if they are doing the whole highway or just the slow lane?” Daniels asked.

The new signs are Central Scranton Expressway signs and WNEP ABC 16 joked that “If you were stopped in traffic on Interstate 81 north in the Scranton area, you could indirectly blame the president.”

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