Fighting for our Values

Career politicians in Pennsylvania have sold out our values and threaten our god-given rights. Elect a combat veteran who will drain the swamp and never back down.

Election INtegrity

I will fight hard to ensure our elections are secure and safe. I will fight for election integrity and will call out corrupt elected officials who don’t do their jobs properly. I will leverage my contacts and influence to ensure Pennsylvania audits the vote and catches the election fraud criminals every step of the way.

Protect Gun Rights

As an avid sportsman, shooter, former Police Officer and retired Soldier, I fully support your constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Criminals will not be stopped by more laws. I will fight to stop gun-grabbing legislation that would take away your constitutional rights.

Better Healthcare

Americans deserve access to better, more affordable healthcare. I will fight for real solutions to lower healthcare costs, including lowering drug prices, ending “surprise” billing, and reducing premiums by expanding competition.

Pro-America, Pro-Trump

President Biden and the Democrats in Congress spend all of their time taking about radical left-wing policies and do nothing about the important issues facing every day folks. I was proud to fight for President Trump, who kept his promises and made America safer and richer.

Protecting Life

Democrat lawmakers want to allow abortions up to the moment of birth. Some, including in New York, Virginia, and other states want to allow the murder of a living newborn if she or he is deemed “unwanted.” As a proud father, I will never stop fighting to protect the life of the unborn.

Term Limits

Our Founding Fathers never intended for there to be career politicians.  They were to serve several terms then return home to their communities and districts. This is why I will fight for term limits for members of congress to be three, 2 year terms.